Thank You

Your generous donations made these gifts possible


      Each morning I would open my computer to the flood of requests from social workers, other non-profits and medical professionals asking if we had funds to help the many people that asked for assistance.  Here are a few of the cases:

  • Farm worker who was laid off due to the rains.  He has 3 children and $50 in his pocket.  We paid his rent and sent him grocery gift cards and a gas gift card.

  • 14 year old boy in therapy wants to play basketball.  We paid for his participation on a basketball team and for clothing and shoes to wear on the court.

  • Mother hospitalized due to COVID for 3 weeks.  We paid $500 toward rent and sent grocery gift cards as well as gas gift cards.

  • A family in need of warm clothing for 3 children.  We sent $150 in gift cards to purchase clothing.

  • 63 year old employed senior lost his job.  We sent $300 toward his rent.

  • Family needs help with childcare so that mother can work part time.  We paid for childcare and sent gift cards for clothing for the child.

  • Senior living in a vintage mobile home had roof leaks due to the heavy rains.  We paid $750 toward the roof repair.

  • Homeless abused woman needed temporary shelter from her abuser.  We paid $500 toward her motel stay.