• A newly housed young man enrolled in Cuesta College requested help to buy a desk, a lamp,$200, and a few household goods.  $200 Target gift card.

  • A disabled woman who has been homeless for years was newly housed and needed help buying a few necessary items.  $200 Target gift card

  • A formerly homeless man signed up for a course at Cuesta College but could not afford the textbooks.  Textbooks were purchased for $100

  • Father of two diagnosed simultaneously with cancer and heart disease, needed to stop working but then could not afford to drive to his numerous doctor appointments.  $300 in gas cards.

  • An employed Los Osos Woman could not afford local housing so lived in her car with her dogs.  When housing was located she needed some household items.  $200 Target gift card

  • A hotel employee lost her Morro Bay job due to COVID and got behind on her water bill.   $110 paid to the water co.

  • A woman did not have housing where she could live with her children as a family.  She needed help to complete the security deposit.  Los Osos Cares and Womenade collaborated.  $250

  • A local woman became a caretaker while her father was battling cancer.  The financial cost of that sacrifice was so great that when her car was in an accident, she could not afford the deductible for the car to be repaired.  $300

  • A local, hard-working young man with few resources needed help paying for his truck registration so that he could engage in a hauling business.  $201 to DMV

  • An elderly disabled woman could not afford replacement batteries for her mobility scooter.  $152 for new batteries.

  • A woman in her 80's and living on a fixed income was having trouble paying for her water bill  $181 paid the bill.

  • A disabled homeless woman had been able to pay the fees for her storage units until her income was affected by COVID.  She would have lost her important papers.  $300 to the storage company.

  • A woman became homeless because of COVID.  When she found housing, she had only her clothes.  Womenade provided $200 for her apt.

  • An elderly disabled woman living on Social Security needs her car to get to the doctor's appt.  Her car required repair.  $250 to repair.

  • A man in a recovery program for addiction lives in his van.  His DMV registration has expired.  $300 for registration.

  • A woman and her two sons live next door to heavy smokers.  The smoke fills her apartment which affects her health.  $191 for air purifiers.

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