A Natural Girl

Your generous donations made these gifts possible

        By mid September, we were hoping that the COVID crises would have leveled off and that life would have

returned to a more normal routine.  Unfortunately for our country, this has not come to pass.  Our neighbors struggle with employment with low wages, no employment, limited funds for food, clothing and gas.  This is where WOMENADE ESTERO BAY is able to help.

        When social workers, teachers, medical workers and neighbors alert us to a person/family in crisis, we are able to help with their problem because we do have regular caring donors.  Some of the requests are:

  • School children who need shoes

  • Young man in an auto accident needs rental car to get to work

  • 16 year old female who has moved in with her mother, needs a bed.

  • Family of 6 with serious health issues needs money for groceries.

  • Homeless woman who is living in her car, needs her windshield repaired.

  • Senior male who is being housed for the first time, needs supplies for his new apartment.

  • Homeless male getting housed needs materials for cooking.

  • Stand Strong has 18 students living in undisclosed places that need clothes for school.

  • Elderly woman living alone needs her window replaced due to vandals breaking it.

  • Cal Poly student attempting to make a living as an Uber driver needs help getting his car repaired.

  • Client living in a shelter needs clothing.

  • Cancer patient, living alone on low income, needs help with her phone bill.

  • Unemployed female needs help with auto insurance.

  • Client who is unemployed needs help with his phone bill.

  • Client who is wheelchair bound needs a lighter wheelchair for doctor's appointments in a car.